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hi there! here's a little something about me


Hi! I'm Aga

My name is Agnieszka but you can call me Aga :)

I'm originally from Poland. I love travelling, being in nature and learning everything about people and the Universe. 

I am a trauma-informed, somatic & spiritual coach and healer on a mission to empower women to create a life and business of freedom, fulfilment, and flow!


Early career & burnout

In my early twenties, I worked as a Business Innovation Consultant in Warsaw, and I loved the creativity of it! Then I moved to London and helped build a mobile app startup from the grounds up. While it was all super fun and it looked like "I got my sh*t together" on the outside...


On the inside, I was secretly plagued with imposter syndrome, perfectionism, self-doubt, overthinking and workaholic tendencies... I was burning out for years, distracting myself with alcohol, partying, and relationship drama... but I kept going anyway.

Finally I burned out HARD, I was sick all the time, I had to quit my job and I spent a few months in bed, trying to figure out what my true purpose and passion was...


Out of alignment

As soon as I began feeling just a little bit better, I got stuck in my mind in a loop of confusion, trying to figure out what my purpose was. Before I even recovered from the burnout, I  started my coaching business... and THEN my fear and overwhelm went off the charts!

I was constantly overthinking and procrastinating, I tried pushing through my fears and resistance, I hired a business strategist, tried fixing my mindset, "shift my state", taking messy action and so on... And despite some initial success and making some money in my business, all of it only made me feel even more overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted!

I realised I just couldn't continue this way. Pushing and forcing wasn't sustainable in the long run! I started my business because I wanted fun, freedom and fulfilment after all!

I knew I had to change from the inside out. Strategy, mindset and pushing through by sheer willpower just weren't enough. 

Photo Sep 21 2022, 6 16 47 AM.jpg

Embodiment & Spiritual Journey

I intuitively felt I had to do some deeper work than just the superficial action-taking, strategy, mindset work or talk therapies. For most of my life, I glorified my mind, and I realised that THIS was the problem! 

I finally slowed down and embarked on a trauma healing journey with modalities on many levels: somatic (body), spiritual, energy, and subconscious mind.

Doing the inner work helped me embody more presence (over ego mind) and get out of "trauma loops", as well as heal and integrate unconscious parts of my being (inner child and shadow parts), and reconnect to my Higher Self... so that I can take aligned, inspired action with more ease & flow! 

And now I'm committed to bringing these healing modalities to you so that you can embody freedom, fulfilment, and flow in your life and business too!


Behind the scenes :)

After hours you can usually find me going for bike rides or walks in nature, doing yoga or chi kung, swimming, cooking something delicious (usually veggie) while listening to music, dancing and singing (poor neighbours!!!), taking care of my plant babies, reading, taking bubble baths, watching movies, painting and spending time with my family & friends.

Shortly after I've met my Italian "fidanzato"  (that means boyfriend in Italian ;) ), I've moved out from Warsaw, Poland to London, UK, to be with him. I've spent almost 7 years in London, and in 2023 we've began a new exciting chapter of our journey in Milan, Italy!

Since we're an "international" couple, I travel quite often, so you can usually find me eating "linguine" (my fave type of pasta) in Italy, pierogi (dumplings) in Poland, or some Indian food in London (sorry UK... Indian beats fish and chips! LOL) or anywhere with the sea and the sun :)

I speak Polish (native), English (fluent), Italian (intermediate), I know German & Spanish basics (but I do most of my coaching in English).

I love animals, and oh... I HATE coriander! :)

My background

If you resonate with my story, but you're the kind of person who likes doing your due diligence before working with someone, I got you!


Here is some of the most relevant info about my credentials: my professional experience, education & certifications. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile.

Relevant Experience

2018 - present

Business Coach at Agnieszka Krawczyk Coaching

Supporting female entrepreneurs in building their purpose-based businesses through trauma informed, body oriented, spiritual coaching.


Chief Marketing Officer & UX Designer at GreenJinn

GreenJinn is a London based tech-startup developing a cash back app, which helps shoppers save money on healthy groceries. I've helped them build the startup from the ground up, grew their user base from zero to over 50.000 app users and built a ‘WOW Customer Experience’ (5 star ratings on AppStore).


Business Innovation Consultant at Innovatika

Innovatika is a consulting company, at the time providing business innovation consulting (currently it builds startups on demand). I've worked in consulting projects with over 20 corporate clients across over 15 industries, supporting them in business innovation and growth and on an organisational, strategic and HR level.


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