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FREE LIVE Masterclass for Female Coaches & Healers with Trauma-informed Somatic & Spiritual Business Coach Aga Krawczyk

"From Overwhelm to Overflow" Masterclass💃

Learn My Tried And Tested Methods to Get Out of Overwhelm, Step Into Your Power & Create Magickal, Soul-Aligned Results in Your Coaching & Healing Business FAST (Even If You’ve Been In Stuck & Looping In Self Doubt For Months)
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In This Masterclass You'll Learn...

🙅‍♀️ The Biggest Trauma-triggering Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Lead to Overwhelm, Burnout & Collapse (you WON'T be one of them!)

🤷‍♀️ Why the Industry Advice for Success Doesn't Work For You and Actually Keeps You Stuck (hint: it's not you!)
💪 How to Snap Out of "Trauma Loops" of Overwhelm, Overwork, Procrastination, Self Sabotage & Numbing Behaviours and Get Back into Presence, Alignment & Clarity FAST 

(pssst... embodiment, learning your survival patterns, parts integration, inner child work, shadow work and nervous system regulation are KEY!)

👁️ How to Connect to Your Higher Self & Get Clear on What You REALLY Want... and Actually Believe It's Possible for You 

(NO brainwashing with superficial mindset shifts that last for 5 minutes or "if she could do it, you can too" BS that your inner child / subconscious mind doesn't believe anyway! promise!!!)

🧲 How To Access Flow State Take Inspired Action that Feels GOOD & Attracts Miracles (no delusional toxic positivity BS... but radical honesty & compassion all the way!)

and that's not all... (goodies alert!)

Join now to get extra free bonuses to boost your healing & growth! 


Meet Your Host, Agnieszka Krawczyk

Agnieszka is a Trauma Informed Spiritual & Somatic Coach & Healer with 10+ years experience in business innovation and marketing & 5+ years experience in coaching female entrepreneurs.


Aga is using a holistic approach, integrating the divine feminine energy & inner work with inspired action & divine masculine energy.


She supports her clients on the levels of body, mind, subconsciousness, energy and spirituality, and she empowers her clients in building purpose-driven, heart-centered business they ACTUALLY love.  

Join Us Live July 14th at 4pm BST!
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