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Create a life and business you actually love

Welcome, Lightworker!✨

If you're a female coach or healer devoted to serving your soul clients from your heart space, you're in the right place!


Is this you?

Building your business while following your purpose and passion for serving your soul clients was supposed to bring you fun, freedom, flow and fulfilment, and yet...

so far, most of the time, you've felt mostly worried and overwhelmed about making it work!

You either constantly panicked about money/time/clients running out or not coming in, so you pushed yourself even harder, bringing yourself to burnout...

...or you were stuck in overwhelm, overthinking, perfectionism, procrastinating, feeling so low you simply couldn't show up in your business AT ALL.

Time to let your TRUE SELF shine

You've probably invested a lot of money, time and energy on different coaches, courses, coaching certifications, strategies, mindset shifts and so on... everyone promising you that THEIR method is the one and only bringing you to (multi) six figures. 

You've been so desperate for answers and help that you've allowed other people's opinions to steer you out of alignment with who you TRULY are, and what you REALLY want. 

You've been doing everything they told you to do, pushing through resistance, doubting yourself every step of the way,  and all the time it felt like something was... off. 

Because it WAS OFF. 

You got disconnected from yourself.

You forgot how deeply worthy, capable, abundant and loved you ALREADY are.

You hid parts of yourself you weren't proud of and tried to become someone "better". 

And you gave your power away.

And now it's time to TAKE IT ALL BACK and let your TRUE SELF shine!

(and... I'm here to help you do just that!) 



My name is Agnieszka (call me Aga!)

I'm a Trauma-informed Somatic, Spiritual & Subconsciousness Business Coach.

I'm devoted to helping women heal their self-worth & embody their power, so they can create more fun, freedom and fulfilment in their life and business!

​I'm qualified with ICF accredited coaching certifications in Transformational, Body-Oriented & Group Coaching, as well as in Trauma-informed & Inclusive Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Time Techniques™, Reiki Attunement and Success & Life Coaching.​

Before coaching, I've had 10+ years of experience in business, in various roles and projects, both for big corporations as well as startups: as a Business Innovation Consultant, Design Thinking Expert, User Experience Designer & a Human-Centric Marketer.

When mindset & strategy are not enough

You've probably already recognised that you can only go as far with surface level work, strategy and mindset...


REAL, lasting change requires going deeper than just your mind: you need to do the inner work on the level of your body, subconscious mind, energy and soul.

The real change happens when you're able to finally feel calm, safe, worthy, connected to YOURSELF and supported by your higher power... 

because YOU and your ENERGY are the real source of power and miracles in your business!


Thoughts change...
Embodiment lasts

I believe that the world desperately needs our feminine gifts of healing, creativity and compassion, now more than ever.

Far too many women don't feel safe and worthy (to receive good things: love, money, clients, opportunities) and to be unapologetically, authentically themselves (in their marketing, sales, client relationships, etc.).

You can work on your mindset, limiting beliefs, repeat affirmations all day long, and even take bold action "as if" you believed new, positive beliefs...

but unless you meet, witness, heal and integrate ALL parts of yourself with unconditional love... this would be like sticking a colourful shiny bandage aid on a pile of hot stinky poop.

The real change happens when you fully, deeply EMBODY feeling safe, worthy, open to receive, empowered, and full of LOVE. And this means you feel all these things on ALL LEVELS of your being, physically, energetically, spiritually, mentally... 

Your thoughts and even moods can change hundreds of times per hour... but deep, embodied sense will stay with you forever. And the more you practice embodiment, the more you'll regulate (and rewire) your nervous system, so it will become your new normal! 

How I work

I combine a variety of holistic healing and coaching approaches that facilitate deep, lasting change on all levels of the human experience: mindset, subconscious mind, energy, body and soul, as well as taking aligned action.

Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Time Techniques™ and mindset coaching to help you "update your operating system" with new, supportive beliefs, habits & "thought codes"

Embodiment & Nervous System Regulation

I use trauma-informed, body-oriented 

coaching, inner child healing, shadow work, Parts Integrations and other methods to create safety & grounding in the body, tap into the body's innate intelligence and create healing through unconditional love and compassion

Spirituality & Energetics

I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), hypnosis, meditation, prayer, Reiki, oracle cards, and other approaches, to help you facilitate connection to your higher power, release and protect you from energies that aren't serving you, increase your energy flow and receive "divine downloads"

Inspired & Aligned Action

I support my clients in accessing their intuition and taking action from a place of inspiration and alignment with their values. I help clients find their own, unique, aligned and exciting way to run their business, and take action that's right FOR THEM. 

Work With Me

The Venus Awakening Programme is for you if:

  • you’re a female coach or healer growing your business & following your soul purpose & serving others from your heart

  • you want more love, peace, freedom, flow, fulfilment & abundance in your life and biz

  • you want to feel safe, worthy and grounded in your body when showing up in your biz

  • you're ready to do the Inner work, surrender, heal your fear and build deeper trust in yourself and your Higher Power

  • you want to fully embody the powerful Goddess of Love that lives within you, open your heart & connect to your Soulmate Clients

  • you want a full body CLARITY & confidence about your next steps (and you want this to come from your Inner Knowing!)

  • you want to take deeply aligned, inspired, fun, flowy action that fires up your soul (vs. constant cycles of burnout & collapse!)


Get Your Free "Soul Client Attraction Masterclass"

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • My proven design thinking based method for getting  clarity on your niche FAST

  • The 3 most common excuses coaches use NOT to pick a niche

  • The 5 mindset shifts you need to make to get you out of procrasti-niching once and for all

  • What an irresistible offer actually is and how to make yours so valuable that clients can’t wait to work with you


Leave your best e-mail address below and you'll get the masterclass straight into your inbox!

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